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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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Open uri20131110 26044 10hnlyd article

After the Shutdown: SMBs Weigh-In on the Showdown

... we heard a lot from politicians about closed monuments and parks, and about the outrage prompted when those resources weren’t available. But what really happened on the ground? What about the business owners that felt the shutdown’s impact?

Open uri20130313 20385 164d6v9 article

Better Servers through Technology: Submerge Your Infrastructure

What are six words that every department head and director would like to hear from a company’s information-tech department? We can do it for less.

Open uri20130408 30398 izxj4g article

Big Data: 5 Key Questions Business Owners Need to Ask

Business and tech professionals are talking about big data. A successful big-data project can illuminate new patterns and prompt fresh ideas about a business’s products, services, and customers. Big data is about putting the information you’ve got — and the data you’ll bring in next — to new use.

Open uri20130418 20256 u2curd article

Business, Marketing, and Big Data: 5 Key Tips for Bringing Them Together

The explosion of social media and online/mobile commerce over the last few years has created a treasure trove of information.

Open uri20140115 5259 1jsvoqc article

Closing the Deal: Mobile Tech Catches Up with the Critical Signature

Deals require a signature, and the signature needs to have reliable legal standing–no matter where, when or with what the deal is done–including mobile.

Open uri20130730 7193 9tdpkc article

Crowdsourcing a Job Online: 3 Tactics on the Cutting Edge

The in-house project has become an online event. Global crowdsourcing has arrived.

Open uri20140115 23782 bzjl5m article

Data Visualization for SMBs: Helping Make Sense of 'Little Data'

Small-business owners are tapping Big Data more than ever before, but their demand for new data-based insights doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the overwhelming effect that a plethora of options and a flood of fresh ideas can bring.

Open uri20140203 5923 5rr4xo article

Growing - Independent Workers Earned $1.2 Trillion in 2013

The independent workforce is up nearly 10% from 2011 — that’s some 18 million professionals generating over one trillion dollars, according to a new report. T

Open uri20121107 10274 1wz3jqv article

How the Cloud is Making the Conference Room Obsolete

Part of the experience of working in a world of mobile tech is that your meetings are no longer conference-room bound.

Open uri20130322 23458 d68h0u article

Internet and Hiring: How Tech Professionals (and SMBs) Can Win

It is the era of the online-market independent.

If the Freelancer Fast 50 report for the end of 2012 tells us anything, it’s that employable skills in the cloud-based world of business are at the center of what hiring managers want.

Man on cell phone1 article

Mobile Business 101: Communicate Better, Collaborate Better

What’s more impressive than a mobile workforce 1 billion workers strong?

It’s this: a mobile workforce topping the 1.3-billion member mark.

Open uri20140115 24930 1hweory article

Mobile Freelancer, Mobile Entrepreneur: 5 Budget-Friendly Approaches

Entrepreneurs and freelancers manage their businesses online just as much as every other kind of owner and corporate project manager, but they often find themselves working with a limited budget.

Open uri20140115 23782 1nptfgc article

Mobile Pay and the SMB: 3 Tips for Now, How, and the Future

Mobile payment is a new idea for many small-business owners.

Open uri20130322 11839 1f7fq6p article

Mobile Security and the SMB: Emerging Strategies and Tools

According to global research firm Forrester, 350 million employees will use smartphones by 2016, with 200 million choosing to bring their own device to work. That’s a lot of points of pressure when it comes to mobile security in the realm of corporate data.

Open uri20121220 16208 ewy6c1 article

Online Work is Driving Jobs: Skilled Professionals Leveraging Connectivity

If your work is focused on the games people play, the way they protect their information, or how to sell them the things they want to buy, then a new report says there’s good employment news on the horizon.