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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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American Express

3 Travel Apps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | OPEN Forum

Even small-business work trips rack up points on a company's carbon footprint. Every flight, every train, every rented car counts.
Many consumers, especially millennials, expect businesses to not only provide high-quality goods and services, but for those business owners to also do good and care for the quality of the communities in which they work.

0331 tax return prepare 270x190 article

4 Last-Minute Tax Tips For Small Business Owners ...

For small-business owners in the U.S., April brings with it a certain degree of extra anxiety and stress. The shifting tax landscape — from deductions to ever-changing rules — is seldom at rest and the chances to miss opportunities are many. Zogby Analytics recently polled 400 U.S.-based accountants and found the [...]

The Motley Fool

5 Key Steps In Planning Your Business's Legacy

Begin your succession planning with these five key steps.

Sales enablement mobile solutions article

5 Key Ways Your Sales Force Should Be Leveraging Digital Mobility

When we talk about sales we often start the conversation in some fairly familiar ways — we discuss lead generation, we move along to mid-funnel cultivation, and all this usually ends up as a discussion about sales conversion strategies and success rates.

What about response time, however?

Open uri20140115 23656 1y9z2eq article
OPEN Forum

5 Smart Tips For Successfully Selling Your Business

At some point, you might want to sell the business you've grown and nurtured. Before you take the big step, ask yourself these 5 questions....

American Express

5 Steps to Explosive Website Growth | OPEN Forum

Here's something many small-business experts already understand: If your small business is growing, your website has to grow along with it.
Letting one trail behind the other is tantamount to leaving money on the table. Yet many small-business owners don't understand the importance of their online initiative.

Mobile security mediumimage article

5 Steps to Improve Mobile Security

Got mobile-security sieves within your workforce? Mobile devices are ubiquitous among every business, every staff, in almost every situation. That can mean a happier, more connected company of employees, but it also means a nexus o...

Open uri20140730 14161 12jc8gb article

5 Trends In Data-Driven Advertising That Affect Travel Booking

Recently, we came out with our omnibus...

Open uri20140730 16344 17ej1yr article

5 Ways Advanced Analytics Are Changing Real Estate

Real estate has traditionally been a game won or lost based on old-fashioned networking and shoe-leather style hard work — deeply dependent on timing, detecting trends and more than a little bit of luck.

It may not be that way for much longer, however. Big data is changing the way real-estate professionals, buyers, sellers — and even banks — think about transactions involving property.

Open uri20130922 20337 mniagv article

8 Ways Tech Will Transform Airport Security

What does it take to make air travel as safe as possible without compromising privacy and our rights? Several innovators...

The Boston Globe

Accidents prompt call for changes to Route 140 - The Boston Globe

Edward Levine has seen firsthand the danger that he says exists along a stretch of Route 140 in Shrewsbury.

Adtech gumroad 02 article

Ad Tech Is Changing Everything Marketers Know About Travel Booking

With a longstanding legacy of success at online marketing to live up to, travel is working with new technology and newly changing paradigms in the form of programmatic media buying.

Open uri20140730 14161 7221yw article

Ad Tech Is Driving One-to-One Marketing in Travel Booking

Last week we launched our latest Skift Trends Report “Evolving Strategies in Travel Ad Tech …...

Open uri20131110 26044 10hnlyd article

After the Shutdown: SMBs Weigh-In on the Showdown

... we heard a lot from politicians about closed monuments and parks, and about the outrage prompted when those resources weren’t available. But what really happened on the ground? What about the business owners that felt the shutdown’s impact?

Open uri20140730 14161 1q7hdyu article

A New Model to Look at Mobile-First Consumers: The Rise of Silent Travelers

Earlier this week, we released our new seminal report,...