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James O'Brien

New York, NY
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Writer, Reporter, Researcher

James O'Brien, PhD, covers business, technology, travel, food, wine, home improvement, writing, and news. His new book on writing, 'The Indie Writer's Survival Guide', is available at Amazon.com.

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4 Last-Minute Tax Tips For Small Business Owners ...

For small-business owners in the U.S., April brings with it a certain degree of extra anxiety and stress. The shifting tax landscape — from deductions to ever-changing rules — is seldom at rest and the chances to miss opportunities are many. Zogby Analytics recently polled 400 U.S.-based accountants and found the [...]

5 Key Steps In Planning Your Business's Legacy

Begin your succession planning with these five key steps.

8 Ways Tech Will Transform Airport Security

What does it take to make air travel as safe as possible without compromising privacy and our rights? Several innovators...

Accidents prompt call for changes to Route 140 - The Boston Globe

Edward Levine has seen firsthand the danger that he says exists along a stretch of Route 140 in Shrewsbury.

After the Shutdown: SMBs Weigh-In on the Showdown

... we heard a lot from politicians about closed monuments and parks, and about the outrage prompted when those resources weren’t available. But what really happened on the ground? What about the business owners that felt the shutdown’s impact?

Another Facebook Scam; Now an Inquiry by an Attorney General

Ongoing problems with scams being run on Facebook -- including one that pretended be to from a state legislator -- has led to an inquiry by Connecticut's...

A Playbook of Two Cities: How Seattle and Denver's Economies Stack Up

As the Super Bowl teams get ready to play, here's a look at the numbers to see which city wins when it comes to entrepreneurship....

AT&T Fined $745K for Customer Service Violations

AT&T is facing a $745,000 fine from Connecticut officials after they concluded the telecommunication giant failed to keep residents' landlines up ...

Auto Lender Imposed Illegally Required Warranties - DailyFinance

State officials in New York want an allegedly deceptive auto lender to pay back its customers for what attorneys say were unscrupulous demands on would-be...

Basement Renovation Ideas: Reclaiming the Largest Room in Your House

What’s downstairs and likely not doing everything it could to enhance the enjoyment of your home? It’s probably your basement.

Basic Training: Innovative Internships Across America : Innovation ...

These four college internship programs put students in the real world and prepare them for business success.

Beware Shady Mortgage 'Helpers' Claiming Affiliation With Your Bank

State officials are warning homeowners to take a second look before leaping into "mortgage-assistance" deals offered by what appear to be companies tied to ...

Bret Michaels' Canceled Concert Draws AG's Attention for Refunds

Complaints about a concert promoter who did not issue refunds after a canceled Bret Michaels concert spurred state officials to take action in response to...

Capital Gains Tax: What You Need to Know in 2014

If you're prepared to pay higher taxes because of your income bracket -- especially if you're drawing on dividends, long-term investments, or sales of assets in the process -- then 2014 is a year to give special attention to the capital gains tax landscape.