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James O'Brien

Writer, Reporter, Researcher

James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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0331 tax return prepare 270x190 article

4 Last-Minute Tax Tips For Small Business Owners ...

For small-business owners in the U.S., April brings with it a certain degree of extra anxiety and stress. The shifting tax landscape — from deductions to ever-changing rules — is seldom at rest and the chances to miss opportunities are many. Zogby Analytics recently polled 400 U.S.-based accountants and found the [...]

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A Simple Way To Find More Affordable Parking

What if there were a database that contained all the parking information about all the parking facilities in a city?...

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Business Travel Gamification Rewards Both Employees And Companies

The concept of gamification -- using game mechanics like rewarding users with points and badges in non-game settings -- has become a core strategy for countless businesses. Now, cutting-edge expense tracking systems are using gamification to score points with business travelers by giving them a tangible reward for complying with...

Open uri20131005 22112 140jzte article

Finding Balance When Your Life Partner Is Your Business Partner

"Mom-and-pop shop" might suggest a certain type of family portrait — those venerable parental...

Open uri20130516 18244 uhvqq1 article

How A Journalist Created His Own Beat And ...

By James O'Brien Justin Rice landed his current job covering high school sports at the Boston Globe after starting his own blog in 2011. Justin Rice worked for years as a journalist in and around Boston, struggling to get noticed by the Sports section. In 2009, his success came from an unlikely [...]

Young woman filing papers 200x300 article

How Millennials Are Redefining Job Benefits - Forbes

What's a benefit to a millennial?

Open uri20140115 5259 1yoeqt4 article

Rare Wines Delivered To Your Inbox

One of the newest ideas in wine is that big things come in small vintages. Seattle-based Garagiste has a cellar...

Open uri20130730 32556 az4sp3 article

Technology Is Simplifying How Companies Hire

Technology is driving and simplifying the talent-recruitment search.

Open uri20131005 22112 ro5vpf article

The 10 Most Compassionate U.S. Cities

A score of U.S. cities and towns have done it. More than 100 other communities are in the queue. The...

Woman on phone computer keyboard 300x198 article

The Future Of Online Customer Support - Forbes

The days of horrible hold music may not be entirely gone, but they are on life-support if you ask customer support experts. "Technology is taking us further away from the phone," said Christina Morris, a managing director for Xerox. "I think that self-service is where people want [...]


Why Changing The Way We Park Can Transform Cities

Streetline is working directly with municipal and private parking operators to make the future of parking happen today.