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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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The Boston Globe

Accidents prompt call for changes to Route 140 - The Boston Globe

Edward Levine has seen firsthand the danger that he says exists along a stretch of Route 140 in Shrewsbury.

The Boston Globe

Deer hunt in Medfield takes aim at Lyme disease - The Boston Globe

Several dozen hunters are set to draw their bows and let their arrows fly, all to help control Lyme disease in Medfield. Starting on Oct. 17, and continuing through the end of the state’s hunting season on Dec. 31, some 30 bow-and-arrow deer-hunters will take to tree stands on Medfield land specially opened for the program. It is an effort that planners say will be crucial to bringing an increasingly overwhelming deer herd back down to manageable levels.

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The Boston Globe

Environmental officials await public response to far-reaching ...

An environmental restoration plan submitted to the residents of Massachusetts - a Jan. 23 comment deadline is now pending - would bring nearly $4 million to bear upon the damage left behind by a now-closed Ashland textile-dye maker. In its scope the plan would return not only wildlife and complex habitats to the Sudbury River and its surroundings, but it would also create new protected land and increase public access to the waterway.

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The Boston Globe

From street crimes to crime films - The Boston Globe

When indie filmmaker Mike O'Dea announced he was going to make "the most realistic mob movie ever," he didn't exactly mean that he wanted to bring armed police expecting a shootout onto his Charlestown set.

The Boston Globe

'Green' jobs lining up on horizon

Since she was laid off, Norma Shulman of Framingham has decided she has one more chance in her working life to change careers. She plans to make that switch count for something.

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The Boston Globe

Group plans its 100th year as steward of Louisa May Alcott's house ...

When Louisa May Alcott’s hyacinth bloomed pink one spring day in 1868, she considered the flower a “true prophet’’ of good things to come. That same day she received $100 to write an advice column, and she would soon begin to write “Little Women,’’ a novel that would bring her even more fortune and fame.

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The Boston Globe

House cats, be warned: Fishers are back on prowl - The Boston Globe

Keep the family cat indoors: that is the message from MassWildlife to residents in cities and towns around Boston after a recent spike in reports of fisher sightings.

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The Boston Globe

In a race to get their numbers' worth - Boston.com

Communities along the Boston Marathon route are getting more serious about how they distribute the invitational numbers they get from the Boston Athletic Association as partial repayment for helping to put on the world-famous race.

The Boston Globe

In MFA wall, clues to build on

For decades, it was a secret encased in brick and plaster, undetected by the thousands who passed by each year.

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The Boston Globe

Losing heat, seeing blue

It is an infrared camera, and Lund uses it to locate a different kind of phantom - the empty spaces and pockets of air behind poorly-insulated walls, the slits and other openings at corners, seams, and sills through which cold air infiltrates and expensive warm air escapes.

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The Boston Globe

Loving Walden, but not to death - The Boston Globe

The protectors of Walden Pond want one thing: to make certain that the hundreds of acres around the glacial kettle hole widely viewed as the birthplace of the conservation movement live up to that reputation.

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The Boston Globe

Medfield couple share house with history (and perhaps a ghost ...

Rob and Ginny Gregg say that strange things - sounds, and, once, an unseen touch - started to happen in their 19th-century Medfield home shortly after Ginny moved in, back in 1997. Since then, Rob has discovered that his own genealogy is somehow connected to the people that lived and died at 52 South St. throughout the decades. Neither say they are scared of what is happening in their home, but both take it seriously and connect it to the history of the house.