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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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Open uri20131107 21071 10qt9bk article

Basement Renovation Ideas: Reclaiming the Largest Room in Your House

What’s downstairs and likely not doing everything it could to enhance the enjoyment of your home? It’s probably your basement.

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Eat-In Kitchens

Converting your cooking space into a room for cooking and eating can influence the way you use the entirety of your house.

Open uri20131107 21071 1oqko0m article

Hiding your Appliances

Whether you’re going for a sleek, minimal look in the kitchen or just looking to tone down an increasingly gadget-heavy vibe, one of the ways to rein in the steel surfaces and digital faceplates is to hide your appliances.

Open uri20131107 21071 1p0mnt0 article

Home Improvement Phone Apps

Mobile devices have changed almost every aspect of how and where we work, and home improvement is no exception.

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Kitchen Countertop Sink Round Up

Never underestimate the kitchen sink.

When it comes to kitchen design, a lot of attention gets directed at the countertops, cabinetry, and appliances. But there isn’t a meal that gets made without the sink at the center.

Open uri20131107 21071 1ue88ss article

Legally Converting Your Basement

Is the cost of owning your house feeling less like a monthly check and more like an arm and a leg?

If so, maybe it’s time to look downstairs. At the basement, that is. By spending a little time looking at rules, regulations, and… yes, renovation plans, you may be able to turn your bottom floor into a basemen suite — and bring in a lot of extra income.

Open uri20131107 21071 1pm3khf article

Lighting Series: Bedroom Lighting

A beautiful way to celebrate one’s living space is to give fresh attention to how it is lit. The bedroom in particular can transform once the lighting changes. From subtle to radical, the atmosphere of the chamber is deeply connected to (and altered by) brightness, color, and source-design.

Open uri20131107 22536 1m8q67u article

Lighting Series: Cookin' with Light (In the Kitchen)

The kitchen can get short shrift when it comes to home lighting. All too often it’s a blistering white overhead fluorescent and an under-hood vent bulb over the stove. That’s utilitarian, but baby that ain’t cookin’.

Open uri20131107 27840 1b510mj article

Park Your Stuff: Wall and Ceiling Solutions to Your Garage Space Crunch

Isn’t it time you reclaimed your garage?

Open uri20131107 21071 1f6uv13 article

Quick Tips For Repairing A Leaky Gutter

A leaky gutter can mean trouble for your house.

Open uri20131107 21071 1mewesy article

The Ins and Outs of Home Water Purification Systems

There are at least a half-dozen different ways to purify your water at home, but what are the differences between various devices and what method fits your water needs the best?

Open uri20131107 5801 118jqqx article

The Land Down Under: Getting Organized in the Basement

Not everyone wants a rumpus room or a family entertainment center at the bottom of their bottommost stairs, but your basement doesn’t have to be just a bedroom for the boiler, either.

Open uri20131107 5801 izbqie article

What to Consider before Renovating your Kitchen

Home renovations don’t always need a professional, and remodeling part or all of your kitchen can be a do-it-yourself project, but take heed: Every at-home project can pose a challenge, and you can avoid some common pitfalls by thinking ahead about how your kitchen job is going to work.