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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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Mobile security mediumimage article

5 Steps to Improve Mobile Security

Got mobile-security sieves within your workforce? Mobile devices are ubiquitous among every business, every staff, in almost every situation. That can mean a happier, more connected company of employees, but it also means a nexus o...

Bigdata medium article

Big Data Backlash: Rumors and Realities

Demonstrate that any new technology idea has long enough legs, and somebody will start talking about a backlash. That's one takeaway from a recent article by Eric Knorr in InfoWorld. Knorr spoke with Rod Smith, vice president of emergi...

Open uri20131005 14885 1cym1hi article

Big Data Not Big Brother: Privacy Policies Deserve a Fresh Look

Big data is complicated, and not just because it involves massive amounts of computing power. It can also at times...

Open uri20130922 11608 hhkmus article

Cybercrime and the SMB: 5 Tips for the Small-Budget IT Defenders

Small businesses are the perfect target for cyber-attacks. Why? Small businesses' IT components often lack the sophisticated security tools used...

Open uri20131012 11890 15rury4 article

Feeling Boxed In: New Survey Shows What IT Admins Really Want

The consumerization of IT has turned into quite the headache for the admins tasked with tracking...

Hacker photo medium article

Five Ways Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves ...

Hacking attacks on big businesses are becoming more and more common. The Associated Press loses control of its Twitter account. Living Social watches a cyber-attack compromise the data of more than 50 million customers. Burger King gets hacked and st...

Open uri20130922 11608 1s57sdt article

Five Ways Your SMB Can Benefit from Custom Software

When it comes to your company's software infrastructure, it can be an uphill battle to convince the business team to...

Open uri20140216 16698 hk02n4 article

Healthcare IT Threats: A Look at 2014

Every information technology department is tasked, at some level, with watching out for the security of its company's data — including (and especially) that of its clients. But there's probably no other sector out there ...

Open uri20131117 18357 1adb9a5 article

How IT Projects Fail: The Whys (and Ways of Prevention)

When a company's IT project falls apart, what are the key reasons for the failure?

Cloudimage med article

IT and New Cloud Architecture: Servicing Public, Private ...

The future of cloud computing is in flux. What was public is going private, in pursuit of better security. No longer are companies simply plugging their data into exclusively public or private systems, businesses are connecting to c...

Open uri20140115 23710 1swauo6 article

Landing a Job in IT: Are Online Credentials Enough?

It’s true: not everyone who works in IT started out that way. There are plenty of different paths that can lead to an information-technology career. But what do business leaders want when it comes to credentials and what kind of experience do y......


Marketing and IT: 3 Steps to Close Gaps

Marketing departments are set to spend more money on information technology than they will on the chief information officers of their companies, according to a recent Gartner report. But if the budget numbers look to be in IT’s favor, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s happy with their data.

Open uri20130922 25495 19gou4j article

Online Professionals: A Networking and Security Renaissance

A new study shows that, perhaps unexpectedly, the online demand for networking and security experts saw remarkable growth in Q2...

Open uri20130922 25495 m6fz41 article

Open-Source Job Market: It’s Booming, and Companies are Looking to Hire

Ask companies why this year's O'Reilly Open Source Convention looked like such an endless buffet of opportunities for open-source developers...

Contently mobile image article

Productivity on the Line: How Mobile Can Replace Output ...

Did you know that, according to a recent business survey, the typical slideshow presentation and its often-accompanying spreadsheets kill productivity more than drinking at lunch? Or that equipping staff with IT-supported...