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James O'Brien covers business, technology, social media, marketing, film, food, wine, the profession of writing, and news. The Nieman Journalism Lab has called his work "sponsored content done right".

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Another Facebook Scam; Now an Inquiry by an Attorney General

Ongoing problems with scams being run on Facebook -- including one that pretended be to from a state legislator -- has led to an inquiry by Connecticut's...

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AT&T Fined $745K for Customer Service Violations

AT&T is facing a $745,000 fine from Connecticut officials after they concluded the telecommunication giant failed to keep residents' landlines up ...

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Auto Lender Imposed Illegally Required Warranties - DailyFinance

State officials in New York want an allegedly deceptive auto lender to pay back its customers for what attorneys say were unscrupulous demands on would-be...

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Beware Shady Mortgage 'Helpers' Claiming Affiliation With Your Bank

State officials are warning homeowners to take a second look before leaping into "mortgage-assistance" deals offered by what appear to be companies tied to ...


Bret Michaels' Canceled Concert Draws AG's Attention for Refunds

Complaints about a concert promoter who did not issue refunds after a canceled Bret Michaels concert spurred state officials to take action in response to...


Capital Gains Tax: What You Need to Know in 2014

If you're prepared to pay higher taxes because of your income bracket -- especially if you're drawing on dividends, long-term investments, or sales of assets in the process -- then 2014 is a year to give special attention to the capital gains tax landscape.


Debt Collectors Warned After Companies Target Military Personnel

Following a series of debt-collection violations that victimized consumers, New York's attorney general has issued a stern warning to debt collectors.In...


Debt Management: Getting Out of Debt (Without Getting Burned)

From monthly payments to one-time lump-sum payoffs, the options of debt management plans and debt settlement can be complicated.


Don't Get Burned by a Bad Load of Firewood Bought Online

Call it getting burned, or a deal that's all wet: State officials are warning that some of this season's online firewood vendors are scamming consumers,...

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Do U Owe? States Want Debt Collection Rules to Apply to Texts, Cell Phones

States across the country are pushing for tougher consumer protection rules to address debt-collectors' use of cell phones and text messages, as well as...


Estate Planners and New Tax Rules: Changes to Know About in 2014 - DailyFinance

If you meet the threshold for estate taxes, think of 2014 as a landmark year in your planning. The rules surrounding exemptions and gifts have...

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Five Scams to Avoid When Traveling Abroad - DailyFinance

Online and other tech-based travel scams might get a lot of attention these days, but the Better Business Bureau is warning overseas tourists to watch out...

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Health Discount Scams Targeting Those Seeking Low-Cost Insurance - DailyFinance

As the nation's health care debate reheats, and effects of the recession grind on, state officials are battling scams that target consumers seeking...

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New Horizon Milk Under Fire Over Synthetic Ingredient - DailyFinance

Dairy conglomerate Dean Foods is again in the cross hairs of organic food advocates, with its Horizon brand under fire for allegedly adding a synthetic...

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New Warnings Issued About 'Grandparent Scam' - DailyFinance

New warnings are being issued across the country about a scam that targets grandparents who are tricked into believing a grandchild is in trouble.The...